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Circular Economy SMEs across Europe - Good practices Barcelona - Bottrop - Dublin
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Mechanical Engineering in a Circular Economy

18 February 2022 at 10:00 CET

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Mechanical engineering is a crucial factor for a successful transition to the circular economy. In fact, mechanical engineering is involved in at least three ways: Machines not only manufacture products, but are also needed for their reuse, repair, and recycling, and at the same time the machines themselves must be designed in such a way that they can be repaired, refurbished, and reused to achieve a service life of decades.

The virtual circular economy travel of the Green Economy Network NRW has set out to find best practice examples of small and medium-sized companies that are taking a circular approach to mechanical engineering. On February 18, we will introduce these companies working with circular economy concepts in mechanical engineering in this online event and present best practice examples from Barcelona to Bottrop.


10:00  Welcome and Outlook to the Circular Economy Hotspot 2022 in Bottrop

Friederike von Unruh, Project Manager, Prosperkolleg

10:15 Speed-Dating of participants

10:25 Introduction video with circular company examples

10:35 Thematic keynote
Diana de Graaf
, Holland Circular Hotspot

10:50  Good practices from SMEs across Europe:

11:40  Matchmaking opportunities with b2match and next events

Hanne Hagedorn, Kompetenznetzwerk Umweltwirtschaft.NRW
Sabrina Wodrich, ZENIT GmbH / NRW.Europa

11:45 Summary and good bye

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